This blend smells amazing!


Welcome the return of the Sun with these fiery Solar scents and herbs. A perfect tribute to the Winter Solstice and Solar deities. Invite fragrant blessings, protection and Light into your home this Solstice!


A multi-use sacred fire and altar blend for burning, offerings and magickal potpourri. Use in your Sabbat fire or burn over charcoal. Dress a Yuletide candle, or set on your altar as an offering to the Season. Also works very well on a cookie sheet in a warm oven (170 degrees or less...line with foil as this contains resins).


Handcrafted with Sacred Woods like White Oak Bark, White Pine Bark, and White Cedar, combined with Juniper Berries, Bay Leaves, White Sage, Rowan Berries, , Cinnamon, Clove Allspice, Star Anise, Cardamom, Orange Peel, and Frankincense by Solaris Moon. Contains resins and makes this blend unsuitable for washes and baths. *No fake mess, essential oils or fragrances added. 

Place this blend on your altar as an offering, in your kitchen or bathroom, anywhere you want to see, smell and be reminded of the season.

Each bag holds approx 1oz by weight.

❗️This blend is fragrant so please be aware if you are sensitive to scents.

This is a limited offering that will only be available during this season.

Love, Magick and Seasons Blessings~
~Solaris Moon





Winter Solstice Herbal Altar & Cauldron Blend



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