Whether you got a Bitch or a e'ryday problem on your hands, you gone need some rusty nails. It's time to handle yo business.

Your Rusty Nails have been rusted personally by me, a process that takes several weeks, and consecrated with Dark Moon magick.


Don't eat your rusty nails. Don't prick yourself or anyone else with your rusty nails. Don't go steppin' on your rusty nails. Don't let your dog or baby put the rusty nails in they mouth. E'rything else you can just about do with yo rusty nails, though. I am not responsible for you being careless or dumb while usin' yo rusty nails. C'mon now. This listing is for 5 Rusty Nails.

Rusty NailsSuggested Uses, Folklore & Magickal Remedies


The unusual folklore and uses detailed here are presented solely for your information and education. Buyer/reader assumes all responsibility for liability, safety and use.


Rusty nails are powerful wards and highly protective against evil, harm and spirits. They have the power to banish, break hexes and to curse.


  • Draw symbols or write words on candles
  • Put one in a jar with some of your personal dewy golden essence (that's Witchspeak for piss) and bury that mess.
  • Make some war water. 
  • Tie to end of a curse cord.
  • Add to a Witch bottle for protection.
  • Place under the front doorstep of the person you want to leave.
  • Put in a person’s footprints to burn their feet.
  • Hang in the home to keep evil energy away.
  • Hammer into a likeness of your enemy (picture/poppet) for curse work.
  • Add to a jar of water to make rust water, war water, black water or filter for the iron sediment at the bottom after several weeks.
  • Scrape rust off into sea salt and sprinkle around home or work to absorb negativity and evil energy. Dispose of and replace frequently.
  • Add to mojo bag.
  • Tie to a string for pendulum divination.
  • Carry in pocket for protection from spirits and evil forces. Use tip to scribe into a candle.


*Rust and iron can be dangerous if not used properly. Use caution and proper handling. Do not ingest.

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Rusty Coffin Nails

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