No self-respectin' rootworker would be without this staple. This is genuine graveyard dirt with added mullein leaves for protection. Used for all manner of things from favors and luck, to hexing and cursing.

Each package is approximately 1/2 oz.

My graveyard dirt is gathered and “paid” for by traditional Southern folk magick standards, that is to say it has been respectfully and ritually gathered (and legally obtained) with appropriate offerings.


This dirt has been collected from multiple sites and can be considered general use or all-purpose.


Cultures all over the world work with grave dirt. You’re probably familiar with conjure work that uses graveyard dirt, but did you know Egyptians also valued this ingredient for magickal use? Ancient texts indicate that the ancient Egyptians may have used dirt and other items from funeral sites (such as bones) as part of their magical practices, particularly when it came to matters of cursing and necromancy.


In folk magick, conjure and some Southern traditions, graveyard dirt is used for causing enemies to get sick, luck in gambling, protection, and making goofer dust.


Any magickal worker can use graveyard dirt and you don’t have to use it for hexing enemies.


Suggested Uses:


  • Use in rituals to honor the dead and when including spirits or Ancestors in your work.
  • To aid in communicating with a loved one who has passed over, sprinkle some in a drawstring bag where you store your tarot cards or divination tools, or on a table where you’ll be performing divination.
  • If you work with crossroads magick, leave some graveyard dirt at a crossroads when trying to decide between two paths in life. Assign one path to symbolize one option, and one path to symbolize the other. (The westward path to a decision based on your emotion or heart, or an Eastward path to represent an intellectual decision). Once you make a decision, walk down your chosen path and sprinkle graveyard dirt to “seal off” second-guesses or regrets. Walk away and don’t look back.
  • Add graveyard dirt to protection sachets and Witch bottles to increase potency.
  • If you’re starting a new chapter in your life (a new job, for example, or a new living situation), select an object that represents your past circumstances and bury it with the graveyard dirt to put your old situation behind you for good with a little ritual “closure.”


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Graveyard Dirt



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