"Extremely informative, factual, and one of the best 'how-to' books I have ever read. A must!"―Uri Geller


You can easily locate water, coins, artifacts, lost objects―even missing people―when you follow the simple instructions in this divination book.


With expert guidance from Richard Webster, discover how to improve your life in many practical ways by dowsing. Begin by learning how to use the tools of dowsing: angle rods, divining rods, pendulums, wands, and even your own hands and body. Clear, detailed instructions on map dowsing show you how to dowse for anything at all, anywhere in the world.


From the Publisher

Sitting at a table, I hold a simple chain with a pendant in my hand so that it is free to swing above the tabletop. "Where is my watch?" I ask. "Is it to my right?" The swing of the pendulum shows that it is not there. "Is it behind me?" Suddenly, the motion of the pendulum changes showing that it is there. "How many steps?" I start counting slowly. At twelve, the pendulum again shows yes.

Twelve steps behind me turns out to be behind a dresser in another room. I move the dresser and, there is my watch!

This is just a typical example of how dowsing can help you, and you can learn how to do it in Dowsing for Beginners by Richard Webster.

The use of the pendulum is just one method. This book also shows you how to work with divining rods and a forked wand. You'll also learn how to use a pair of pliers or just your hand. Photos and illustrations help to make all of the instructions very clear and easy to understand.

Not only is this book easy to learn from, but you can check yourself and your accuracy very quickly. Historically, dowsing for water, gold, oil, and lost items has been very successful. It is still used all over the world today. You can learn to use it with just a little practice.

As a special offer, purchase of this book entitles you to receive a free dowsing disk. This is a transparent overlay that allows you to make the best use of your pendulum to determine True North on a map, locate buried objects, develop psychic powers, and more.

You won't just read this book, you'll devour it. When you find out how successful you can be as a dowser, you will be shocked. Get this book. You won't be sorry



Using the tools and techniques presented here, you can locate valuable hidden items, identify and treat ailments for improved health, tune in to your pet's needs, develop your intuition―the applications of dowsing are nearly limitless!

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Dowsing for Beginners: How to Find Water, Wealth & Lost Objects

    • Paperback : 198 pages
    • ISBN-10 : 1567188028
    • ISBN-13 : 978-1567188028
    • Dimensions : 5.36 x 0.64 x 8 inches
    • Publisher : Llewellyn Publications; 1st edition (January 1, 1996)
    • Language: : English
  • Richard Webster (New Zealand) is the bestselling author of more than one hundred booksRichard has appeared on several radio and television programs in the US and abroad, including guest spots on WMAQ-TV (Chicago), KTLA-TV (Los Angeles), and KSTW-TV (Seattle). He travels regularly, lecturing and conducting workshops on a variety of metaphysical subjects. His bestselling titles include Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians and Creative Visualization for Beginners.


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