Get them stank ass bitch vibes out yo happy home. Ain't nobody got time fo that mess.

Spray that bitch away! Use it on yourself when a foul mood has taken hold, when skanks be skankin', around creepy uncles, bitches who don't know they place, quarrelsome spirits and anybody bringing your vibe down low.

This is some damn good smudge spray. Perfect for a space where smoke is not appropriate, when you keepin' your shit on the DL, or as a matter of preference. You ain't gots to explain to me. You do you. 

Ritually brewed and tinctured over many months from fabulous smellin' whole plants and herbs that carry the mighty powers of purification and cleansing.

My Shit be all real. All the time. Child, you KNOW I never use fake mess to give my products lyfe.

Comes in a 2 oz cobalt blue mister bottle.


Free local contact-less pick-up available. We also happily ship! Simply make your selection at chek-out and we'll handle the rest. 


Bye Bitch! Damn Good Smudge Spray ~ Smells like 'You Handled a Bitch'

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