This is the Best MOTHA’FUCKIN’ Witches Black Salt! Now we talkin’. Only for the discerning Witch who ain't playin' this time.

Choose from the 1.5 ounces inside a fancy glass bottle with cork, with fancy tattered ribbons and shit, or zippered pouch offered in 1, 2, 3, and 4 ounce sizes. 

With my badass mortar and pestle, I use my own secret blend of ingredients to create the ritual black salt.

The sea salt base I use is 100% pure as fuck because I KNOW you have some serious shit going on to be wanting black salt. I use a variety of sea salts from around the world, including desert salt I collect myself from the Nevada desert. My salts are ethically and sustainably harvested, and many come from a renewable, ancient underground saltwater lake fed by subterranean streams. Sounds fancy, don’t it? For example, one of the salts I use is found in a remote, pristine, and uninhabitable area of the vast Kalahari Desert in South Africa where it is dried naturally by the Sun. It is unprocessed with no additives. Like I said. Pure, baby.

My Witches Black Salt takes three full months to make. Don't worry, though- this listing is from a recently made batch that is READY TO SHIP, because I know you got evil to deal with and ain’t got time to be waitin’ on moon cycles and shit. You gone want to use this blend with Respect and Caution. Don’t say I didn’t warn yo ass.

- Custom sea salt blend including sea salts including from the Nevada and Kalahari Deserts (base)
- Ash containing my own powerful-as-fuck blend of magick herbs, resins and other secret shit chosen for their extreme evil-combating, exorcising, protective and hex-breaking properties
- Rust
- Cauldron scrapings
- Charcoal from a wildfire of hardwoods in the Woodriver Valley (Idaho)
- Charcoal from my own ritual fires and woods grown on my own land and downed wildcrafted woods
- Iron shavings & iron bits (careful when handling with bare hands)
- Fireplace scrapings
- Black Dog Hair

My Witches Black Salt is real, REAL black, because I KNOW you got some real, real DARK shit on yo hands. I gotchu. Unlike many products advertised as Witches Black Salt, my shit is the real deal. It’s not artificially colored, it’s not gray for babies who are scared of the Dark (witch, please), and it sho ain’t a movie-prop for pretend bitches.

Suggested Uses:
Generally speakin' ritual salts work well to absorb and ward negativity, evil & other hostile shit. Use it for all manner of protection and banishing of shit you don't like, need or want. Break hexes, drive away spirits or use it to lay down a simple trick against an enemy. Keep some under your bed to ward off nightmares, tuck some away in your office to absorb gossip, tempers and discord, cast your circle with it , add some to your floor wash, and dozens of other uses.

CAUTION: Witches Black Salt is messy and can stain. Nothing will ruin your day more than black smudges on yo shit. Use caution around clothing, upholstery and carpeted areas.


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Bitch I Ain't Even Playin'- Witch's Black Salt

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