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Folklore tells us iron has been used for centuries to combat harmful supernatural forces, like ghosts, faeries, demons, and even malicious witches. Some say if you carry a pinch or two in a red mojo you will attract luck and money.

Because of its magnetic attributes, iron has long been used in workings for attraction, love, sex, money, luck. Anybody who's ever used iron in magickal pursuits will tell you how very powerful it is and that the folklore does indeed hold true.

Conjurers greatly value theyselves some Anvil dust. Anvil dust is the natural byproduct of the art of Blacksmithin' and metalworkings. It is made from iron filings and flakes and are used by many-a-Witch and magickal practitioner as food for magickally empowered lodestones, and to create banishin' and repellin' potions, includin' the powerful, and sometimes deadly, Goofer Dust.

A must-have for a well-stocked magickal apothecary, botanica & biologique.

My Anvil Dust is locally gathered and comes in your choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4 ounces in a zippered pouch, or 1.5 ounces in a reusable round metal tin.


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Anvil Dust: Magnetism & Attraction Magick

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