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Ways to Protect Yourself


Reclaim ALL your power

  1. You are stronger than you realize

  2. Solve your own problems- stop waiting to be rescued. Boss up and handle your shit.

  3. Stand up for what you believe in- stop being polite around injustice and harm

  4. Walk away from toxic people & dumpster fires - ain't nobody got time for that mess

  5. Not your monkeys- not your circus: mind your own damn business (not when someone is being hurt, but if they are an adult- let them ask, so they, too can walk in their power, just like you)

  6. Remember times when you did those awesome, empowering things - CALL THEM HOME. Collect those empowering thoughts and memories and call on them to give you strength, confidence and belief in yourself when you feel defeated.

  7. Think about every person you gave power to and reclaim it- make a list and carry it in your pocket.


Live with Intention - Mindful Living!

  1. Make a plan - have a plan for life, for goals, for everything that matters to you. Avoid wandering aimlessly through life- this leaves you vulnerable and gives your power away


Fierce Boundaries

  1. Setting & enforcing boundaries is an act of love and respect for yourself, it is a form of self-care

  2. Learn to not get offended based on the energy or psychic information you glean from others thoughts & emotions- it ain’tchabidneth. Stop spending crazy time trying to figure out what people think or feel about you. Pay attention to their actions. The rest isn't your concern.

  3. What others think of you is NOT your concern.


Ground, Center & Balance

  1. Envision toxicity sliding off you into the earth where it is transformed into beneficial energy. You’re like a giant nonstick skillet. Not because you’re blocking others, but because you are so damn powerful. Don't brag to others- just KNOW it. No one can mess with you when you are well grounded, centered and at peace with yourself.


Risk Management

  1. What are your triggers? Large crowds, family gatherings, holidays, meeting new people? Learn to say NO, and get choosy with what you say YES to.




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