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Defensive Magick v/s Offensive Magick


Defensive magick is passive. There are many types of defensive magick, such as wards and shields. In the last set of lessons, you learned about Shielding techniques. Shielding is a defensive form of magick that focuses on blocking the energy being directed at you. This protection only works when the ‘fight’ or unwanted energy is brought to you or comes near your space or boundaries you’ve designated. Without harmful or undesired energies the protection is not activated or used. 


When choosing what type of protection to employ, you really are deciding between being the attacker (offensive) or the defender (defensive). 


Most Witches employ both methods in their protective magick. Both serve their purpose and well-done protections use multiple layers that cover many angles where an enemy might get through. 


There’s a careful balance to maintain when using protection. If you focus solely on wild attacks against your target, you’re more likely to employ protection without any real plan. This can result in an excess of spent energy that’s poorly directed, and ending up in an even more vulnerable position than where you started. 


If you put all your eggs in a defensive position, building up your castle walls and fortifying them while you passively wait it out as your enemy attacks over and over, eventually you’ll be backed into a corner with no options left. This defensive position doesn’t advance you toward your goals, either. 


Knowing when to attack or defend is crucial when using protection magick. To a beginner, the choice is not always clear. The reality is both are often necessary. 


Another key to success is how much force you greet your problem with. Is the cashier’s rude comment today worthy of a D.U.M.E. spell (Death Unto My Enemy)? Do you deal with an enemy who is spreading vicious rumors and lies about you at work with a basic shield? You must learn to respond proportionately to the threat. Too little can be ineffective and communicates you’re willing to put up with it, too much is overkill and makes you look like an unbalanced crazy person (and maybe you are).

Not every perceived threat or slight requires action on your part. Sometimes the most effective response is none at all.




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