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Sacred Cacao is a medicinal & healing experience for your body, mind, and Spirit. 

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What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao Ceremonies are a celebratory meditative ritual that opens the heart through the use of Cacao. Sometimes breathwork, sound baths, drums, dancing and smoke offerings accompany a Cacao ceremony. These ancient rituals have been conducted by the Maya and Aztec civilization dating back thousands of years and tap into the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth & Air.  


Cacao ceremonies originally served as religious rituals for the ancient Native Mesoamerican cultures. In these ancient cultures, Cacao was:

  • used as a tool to lift the spirits of the soon to be sacrificed in the Aztec kingdom

  • required in the  marriage ceremony due to its link to fertility

  • a part of the baptism ceremony and the birth of the child

  • used as currency

  • often used for various medicinal purposes


Cacao in the ancient Americas was used in virtually any ceremony of importance. 

When sourced thoughtfully, prepared ceremonially and enjoyed with intention, Cacao is a potent energetic medicine that exists on a different plane than any chocolate you could compare it to.

How is Cacao Used in Ceremony Today?

The modern Cacao Ceremony has been birthed out of the same ideas of the ancient cultures, being tools for rejuvenation and self-discovery. The ancient cultures, although continuously vanishing in the modern world, provide insight into a life more intertwined with nature and the spirit. Modern day Cacao Ceremonies, though not directed towards these ancient Gods, embraces the meditative properties of cacao, relaxing the body and clearing the mind for moments of pure self-reflection to ensue.  

Why Go to a Cacao Ceremony?

Modern medicine has revolutionized the way we understand ourselves. Often, these medicines heal our bodies, but in this healing we may be neglecting our spirits. Cacao Ceremonies can facilitate the potential for one to regain that lost spiritual balance. Other experiences centering around this spiritual healing often rely on hallucinogenic or out-of-body experiences, but a Cacao Ceremony is a time of relaxation and self-reflection to provide an inner-silence allowing one to purvey the mind in peace and come to peace with the self. Through this peace, mental clarity can be achieved, and mental clarity is imperative to an improved daily life, uptakes in creativity, and self-guidance. 

Ceremony Preparation

  • Once registered, you will receive a link to join the ceremony approx. 1 hour prior to the start time. PLEASE join us on time. If you will be more than 5 minutes late, we ask that you respect the ceremonial container and join the next ceremony.

  • We recommend avoiding or reducing your caffeine intake on ceremony day, and timing meals so you are not too full. This will help your system assimilate the cacao, and prepare your body to receive more subtle energy cues from the cacao.

  • Ideally, you can be in a quiet space that feels comfortable and nourishing to you. Option to create a small altar with a candle & lighter.

  • Pillows to sit on, meaningful objects, a journal and a pen, headphones, and water are also nice things to have nearby.

  • Please prepare your cacao ~10 minutes before ceremony, it can be nice to put it in a thermos to keep it warm. If this is your first time making cacao I would give yourself 25 minutes to prepare your space, your laptop & the cacao and not feel rushed.

  • Sing words of gratitude and blessings to start infusing the cacao as you are stirring it.

  • You can also start to put your intention into your cacao when you make it, too.

  • We'll open the space together and take our first sip together, so please wait to drink it.

  • A ceremonial dose is about 1.5oz. Please use your intuition as to how much cacao to invite in.



You can purchase whole, ceremonial grade cacao discs or bars directly from The Kindred Cauldron or use your own from another trusted source. We make our 100% ceremonial cacao discs and bars locally using ethically sourced whole cacao beans in the traditional way learned personally from Indigenous teachers. 

Remember, a Cacao Ceremony is not a “trip” or drug-induced ritual, Cacao Ceremonies are a facilitator of self-reflection and spiritual awakening, allowing you to consider who you are, analyze your hopes, wishes, and dreams, and let go of the past in order to grow from it and build a better future for yourself and others. 

Cacao is labeled by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe).  

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