Hey Powerful Ones!

If you're here to learn more about me, I'm happy to oblige. As a Leo I'm always DTTAM. 

I was born and raised in the deep South by interracial parents. I developed a thick skin and an almost supernatural resilience. I have five older siblings- all brothers. I played with dolls and nail polish, but I also shot guns, went fishing, dissected frogs and freed captured rattlesnakes my brothers brought home. We grew most of our own food, made medicines, hunted a lot of our own meat, and for a time kept and rode horses. It was a childhood spent outdoors and in the woods and it was often complete utopia to me. 


I have four kids of my own, three grown daughters, and one son still at home, a Junior in high school. I also have twin 9 year-old grandchildren and a new grandbaby on the way, due in April 2021. I'm so dang excited! Through parenting, I learned to be kind to myself, to easily forgive and let things go, and how to pick my battles. I grew up in an Evangelical religion that never felt right and I rejected it at an early age. I taught my kids about religions around the world and tried to inoculate them against indoctrination. While they often participated in public circles and Pagan gatherings they were always encouraged and free to choose for themselves what to believe. Their spiritual path was always theirs, never mine.  


About 25 years ago, soon after my divorce, I began the real work of practicing Witchcraft and claimed that label for myself. In that process, I distanced myself from some of the toxic, abusive people in my life, including close family members, that were a threat to my sanity. Calling my Power back home like that was an extreme act of defiance and courage that took me years and years to find the strength for. I don't regret a single day since making that decision and acting on it.    

A long time ago when I learned to speak my truth, when I found my voice and my love for radical honesty, I decided I don't like to sugar-coat things because it feels like a deception, it feels fake, wrong and really grates on my nerves. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I'm blunt and value directness because I never committed the time and effort into mastering the patience it takes to hold someone's hand and coddle them. I'm finally 'of an age' where I don't give a fuck what others think and have hit below zero on my bullshit tolerance. It's a sweet, sweet kind of freedom to be whoever you want to be. I want that for everyone.

Rather than take you on the long journey of who I am from all the way back to childhood, though, how about we jump ahead to who I am now? What I've learned and continue to learn is that mistakes in life are essential in order to learn. We never really stop changing and growing. At least I hope I don't. I like being me. I love who I am and I feel committed to keeping shit fun and awesome for myself for as long as possible. 

I hope you'll keep reading and learning more about all the influences and beliefs I bring to the Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft. I am always happy to answer questions and I want you to feel free to email me directly if you ever need to. 

Sending You Blessings in Light & Dark,


What Exactly is Solaris Moon’s Brand of Witchcraft?


For one, I'm a Secular, non-theist Witch which means deities aren’t usually my jam. I don't 'worship' any beings except possibly my children who are my whole heart. Two, I’m not Wiccan. I don't believe in ‘Harm None’ or the ‘Threefold Law’. I hex and I heal. I find a lot of Light & Love-influenced spirituality problematic and speak about these troubling issues regularly. Three, I care about cultural appropriation and work hard to keep closed traditions and New-Age beliefs out of my practice. Four, I have very few hard and fast rules about anything. My Witchcraft is a living, breathing practice that adapts and evolves along my journey. Five, I work with Roots, Stones, Dirt & Bones. I'm of the mind that the Earth provides everything we need, and honoring the Earth includes utilizing ingredients and materials that are part of Nature. Six, I'm an Animist and work a lot with Folk Magick rather than religious systems or structured traditions. I love experimenting in my practice and forging my own path. 

The Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft is a blend of my work from Shamanic Root Witch, The Kindred Cauldron, Magic Valley Pagans & Witches, Gem State Black Hat Society and Idaho Pagan & Witches Leadership. 

















While I like to believe I'm reasonably flexible on most things, one area I’m particularly unyielding on is Christianity. Even though much of my early magickal journey worked with occult traditions that were intertwined with Christian elements, I learned from experience it was solidly zero percent right for me. Now, I work hard to keep all aspects of Abrahamic (predominately Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) religion out of my practices and beliefs. Of course, most of you already understand that many Abrahamic beliefs and practices are themselves derived from older regional polytheistic religions and Paganism. What I specifically reject are all bible-centered beliefs, including angels, demons, Satan, God (of the Bible), Jesus, the Holy Spirit, sin, heaven, hell, prayer, good v/s evil, men as dominant, and the idea of needing to be saved because we’re born broken or damaged. Hell to the no on all of it. 


I Repeat, I'm NOT Wiccan

I won't teach you how to be Wiccan here- go join a Wiccan traditional coven to learn that. You won't find a bunch of cookie-cutter rhyming spells on my site because I don't use them - I'm here to teach you how to create your own spells and Words of Power using the Power and Spiritual Authority of your own voice. I won't teach you that all beliefs and paths are valid- some just aren't. I won't lie or sugar-coat the truth to make you feel better. I won't skirt around problematic beliefs and practices or avoid uncomfortable topics. I won't prescribe crystals and essential oils to treat your illness or encourage you to ignore science. I won't ask you to bury your head in the sand and pretend like you aren't part of the world you live in. I am not here to teach you a religion. I detest religion. I see religion as a system of control. I don’t want that for you. If you want it for yourself, that’s your right- you just won’t get it here.

Walk the Talk


My personal ethics play a huge role in what I teach, my beliefs and how I practice. I won't encourage you to get your Witchcraft supplies at the Dollar store, Wish or Walmart- not because I'm uppity, but because it's not in alignment with my values of People Over Profit. I realize these values aren't shared by everyone who identifies as a Witch, and that's OK. Being an activist or environmentalist isn't a requirement. Because I value those things, they matter to me. Here's why: There's a hidden cost to cheap goods and services. We don't pay for it at the register- we pay for it in human lives and to the detriment of our planet. I support Fair-Trade, Fair Wild, Living Wages & Organic because these regulated practices - while not perfect - seek to lift humans out of poverty and empower them while also protecting the Earth. 


Retailers who rely on cheaply made goods from China (and other cheap manufacturers) contribute to a global human rights problem among many other issues. Where my ritual supplies come from and how they are created matters to me because I frankly don't want to have my Witchcraft practices creating a demand in the market that causes often unseen (unseen to Americans) harm to human beings and the planet. I believe the caustic suffering caused by cheap labor practices, pillaging of non-renewable resources, cultural appropriation and the dire situation of pollution and contamination to the environment for profit taints the whole magickal & spiritual process and I don't want it near my workings whenever I can help it. Now I'll step down from my little soap box but if you are curious and want to learn more about these issues, try starting herehere, here and here

Will I shame or judge you for where you shop or choose to get your supplies? Never. You gotta do you. I'm not a perfect paragon of these values, either. I really love the saying 'Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good'. In this context, it means I don't hold myself to a perfect standard - which is setting myself up for failure- and I don't kick myself when I fall short of my goal. It's better to make some progress, even if it's very tiny, than stand still waiting for the exactly right conditions and never move forward. I advocate only for becoming aware of the issues and being mindful in your consumer habits. We each have to make our own choices about what's right for us and live our best life, not someone else's. 

This Isn't a Coven

The Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft is not a coven to join or a packaged belief system to adopt. I’m not teaching you to blindly follow me or anyone else. I want you to think for yourself and make your own choices. I want you to be empowered to the millionth power. I want you to want that for yourself. Everything I do and say is in service to that purpose.


My courses are unapologetically designed around my ethics, beliefs, practices, and yes, even my biases. If my way works for you, or if some parts do, that’s great! If they don’t, that’s OK, too. Nothing I say or teach will be 100% right for everyone. You can take what I teach and adapt it to fit your own practice to make it truly meaningful. I’ve always encouraged my students and beginners to take what works and throw out what doesn’t. There’s no point in learning Witchcraft – whether it’s my way or someone else’s -unless you’re willing to make it your own. I’m simply giving you a framework that you can build on. Use it as a spring board to get where you want to be in your Witchcraft journey.



My Witchcraft Is No One Thing

My brand of Witchcraft is all of this and more. Is it unique to me? To some extent, sure, similar to how every artist has their own style and techniques but they all still use similar basic tools, they've just each found ways to use those tools in unique ways that work for them. As Witches our tools are Nature, magick, energy, Will, etc. Think of me as an art teacher- I'm here to help you learn some techniques, tips & tricks, peppered with a little history, and how to use and care for your tools. At the end, I don't want a paint-by-numbers final project- I want to see you take what you learned and create something that's got your special flavor and blend of heart and spirit.


Here’s an overview of what I’m about and much of what influences my practices, beliefs and the way I teach. I call it…


  1. Take no shit. Period.​

  2. No fake mess.

  3. Walk In Your Power.

  4. ​Don’t be a Basic Witch.

  5. Do the fucking work.​

  6. Know Thyself.​

  7. Own your shit.

  8. Be Discerning AF.

  9. Heal Thyself.​

  10. Question and challenge everything.

  11. Everything has a Spirit or Life Force.​

  12. You do you.​

  13. Informed Enthusiastic Consent.​

  14. Want better for yourself.

  15. Use what you have. ​

  16. If you can’t curse, you can’t heal.

  17. Stay Wise.

  18. Disregard Irrelevant Bitches (but know thy enemy).

  19. Dream big. Then dream bigger.

  20. Give yourself permission.​

  21. Not everything is about you.

  22. Don’t let crazy in.

Very soon I'll be adding courses for each of these Attitudes. They will be published and available to all subscribed members. Stay tuned for links that will be available in the member's portal at https://www.sageandcrowschoolofwitchcraft.com.

22 Attitudes of

Boujee-Free Witchcraft

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