School of Witchcraft

What is the Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft?

The Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft is a collection of lessons, resources, workshops & courses. I’ve been a practicing Witch for over 25 years, and this growing compendium of magickal materials is based on much of what I’ve learned and experienced in that time.


The monthly membership fee of $10 comes with unlimited access to all beginner and intermediate courses and content as they become available. I’ll also be adding new content, including one new course, every month.


Membership comes with extra goodies and benefits. Not only are there courses and workshops to take at your own pace, there are downloads, videos, and resources like herbal correspondences. Then there’s the exclusive members-only online events, special offers, discounts & products from my shop. Even better, members receive a whopping 50% discount on advanced courses and intensives.


You can cancel your membership at any time, or take a break and come back when you’re ready. There’s never any obligation or pressure to stay.


Is Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft Right for You?


I’ll always tell you the truth, and I’ll always going to encourage you to fact-check and use scientific principles to suss out what’s real and what’s not. I’m never gonna tell you what’s right for you, though. Only you can decide that.

Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft might be the right fit for you if:


  • You’re looking to take classes and learn from someone you know

  • You like my particular brand of Witchcraft philosophies and practices

  • You don’t mind my potty mouth.

  • You love the thrill of a new challenge

  • You're not a follower - you're interested in forging your own path

  • You like learning online at your own pace from the comfort of home

  • You appreciate a secular viewpoint or alternative

  • You love being fabulous

  • You want to broaden your practice and really do this thing called Witchcraft



Sage & Crow School of Witchcraft might not be the right fit for you if:


  • You are following a strict Wiccan or Pagan tradition

  • You like to stay on the beaten path

  • You don't like to questions things

  • You have a strong confirmation bias

  • You are offended by crude language, slang or profanity

  • You work only with ‘The Light’

  • You are looking for a Guru

  • You don’t like awesome things

  • You have a fear of Witchcraft


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