The Kindred Cauldron is a locally owned boutique-style shop centered on the magickal & ritual needs of Witches, Pagans & Kindred Spirits.


Hi, I'm Solaris, the Owner & Creatrix for The Kindred Cauldron and Root Witch Apothecary. As a practicing Witch of 25+ years and founder & organizer for the local Magic Valley Pagans & Witches Community and the Gem State Black Hat Society, I'm especially attuned to the increasing challenges modern practitioners face. My shop is here as a resource for Kindred Spirits, tailored especially to Witches & other Magickal Practitioners. I strive to offer empowerment to those seeking it through high quality handcrafted ritual items and herbal remedies, metaphysical and occult products, classes & education, community, leadership & support, and private consultation.



While zero-waste isn't possible for any home or business, it is a worthy goal to reduce our waste to a minimum and be mindful of where product & packaging waste goes. My long held values for practicing mindfulness and respect for Earth include ethical sourcing, sustainability, and zero-waste.


I believe we can't trash and disrespect our planet while asking or expecting it to take care of us. As a Witch, I know my magick is stronger when my Spiritual allies are cared for properly. In my work, Spiritual Allies include Plant, Nature & Land Spirits. To honor them, I believe in staying as closely connected to Earth & Source as possible. This means I am mindful of the impact my business has on both the local environment and the planet.


 In my shop, I don't just give lip service to my good intentions. I work hard to eliminate plastic and single-use packaging. My products are primarily packaged in reusable, compostable and non-plastic packaging whenever possible, or they are offered just plain neked, without any packaging at all. I use paper bags at the register for check-out and encourage & support customers who want to bring their own containers and bags when shopping in-store. Beyond that, I honor Indigenous cultures by buying indigenous works from the source. Palo Santa, White Sage & Dream Catchers are a few examples. I won't carry these items in my shop unless they have been ethically grown, harvested or produced by a verifiable tribal or indigenous source who has been fairly treated and compensated. 



Some of my considerations include:

  • What impact does this product have on the local resources, environment, culture and quality of life where it's made?

  • Are any of the materials used in the product sourced from fragile or protected spaces?

  • Is this product a source of cultural appreciation or appropriation?

  • Were all the people involved in the production of this product treated and paid fairly? 

  • Does the person or company behind this product promote hate, bigotry or intolerance in their ads, campaign contributions or otherwise?

  • Is this product made with diversity in mind? Are Black, Indigenous and People of Color represented?

  • Does the person or company who made this product fund or support campaigns, political candidates, legislation, or other efforts that undermine the needs of marginalized peoples?


I believe no one should live in poverty or inhumane working conditions because of our consumer choices.

I never want the products I sell for my shop to support or contribute to economic or environmental hardship or unethical practices.

  • I prioritize amplifying cultural voices and supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) businesses

  • I prioritize buying from sources that insist on living wages, fair-trade, fair-wild, fair labor practices, local makers and growers

  • I prioritize buying books, music, art, and food that originate from and accurately represent specific cultures, instead of “culturally inspired” experiences

  • I prioritize books, or other creative works written by members of the culture, instead of works by outsiders looking in

  • I prioritize purchasing art and other cultural items directly from the creator

  • I prioritize avoiding non-indigenous made products in my shop that promote words and terms taken from other cultures, such as “tribe” or “spirit animal."

I care about Equality and Racial Justice


I am deeply committed to not supporting products, services and companies that contribute to violence against or the oppression or exploitation of marginalized peoples, especially Women, Black and Indigenous People and People of Color. This includes inequality, harmful racist stereotypes, White Nationalism and White Supremacy, homophobia, rape culture/purity culture, transphobia, sexism and misogyny.

I care about Science and Evidence-Based Facts

I am deeply committed to not supporting products, services and companies that support or perpetuate the

Big Lie, Fake News, Climate Change Denial, Science Denial, or Holocaust Denial. 

I care about Mental Health, Boundaries and Balance

I am deeply committed to not supporting products, services and companies that perpetuate toxic positivity.

I care about Personal Empowerment

I am deeply committed to not supporting products, services and companies that engage in body or sex shaming.

My shop is a body and sex positive space for all people. I support and encourage informed, enthusiastic consent in all aspects. 

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Did I miss anything?


Let me know if you see an error or a misalignment. I'm not perfect, and I'm always learning and growing. Sometimes I miss things, too, or am not aware of an issue. I appreciate feedback and if you see an area where I can improve or make a correction, I invite you to reach out and help me do better. Emails are always welcome, or private message me on my Facebook page anytime. Thank you!